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Who Is Alice Fredenham? Alice Fredenham Net Worth, Early Life, Education, And Everything You Need To Know


Alice Fredenham

Famous and successful British singer Alice Fredenham is one of the biggest stars in the world. Alice Fredendam was born on 14 April 1985 in the United Kingdom. She is currently 37 years old. Bulat is a nickname of Alice. She prefers to be addressed by her nickname.

The majority of people refer to her as Alice Fredenham, her actual birth name. In Britain’s Got Talent’s seventh season, Alice Fredenham has progressed to the semifinals. At the time of her audition, Alice Fredenham was a beauty consultant. She gained fame as a winner of ” Britain’s Got Talent. ” In this article, we will discuss Alice Fredenham net worth, creer, education, and all other things.

Alice Fredenham Early Life

In Harpenden, England, Alice Fredenham was born. She grew up alongside her parents. She prefers to keep her parent’s and siblings’ personal information private and wants them to live happy, satisfying life like normal people.

She is a Christian with British citizenship, and Aries is her zodiac sign. She has always had a strong passion for singing, so she decided against continuing more education instead of focusing on her singing career.

Alice Fredenham Education

Alice Fredenham attended the St. Albans Girls School in Hertfordshire’s St. Albans. She used to take part in singing-related activities at her school. She quit going to school to focus on her singing career. She focused on her work rather than completing her education at a university or college.

What is the physical appearance of Alice Fredendam?

Alice Fredenham was born on 14 April 1985 and is currently 37 years old. She stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 centimeters) and weighs about 121 pounds (55 kilograms). Her hair is black, and she has black eyes.

Alice Fredendam Personal Life

One of her closest friends also belongs to Alice Fredenham family. Joe Lenzie is the man’s name, and he not only backs her but also loves her. Joe Lenzie is a British singer and producer. He is a partner in the Sigma musical production team. He has always been supportive and strengthened Alice Fredenham’s confidence.

He plays a significant part in Alice’s professional advancement. Alice acknowledges that Joe encouraged her to participate in the UK’s Got Talent auditions. Having struggled in previous relationships, she is content and confident in her relationship with Joe.

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Professional Career of Alice Fredenham

She worked as a beauty therapist to begin her profession. After that, Alice Fredenham decided to sign up for Britain’s Got Talent’s seventh season of auditions. The judges appreciated her performance during her audition for the competition, describing her voice as “like liquid gold.”

The semifinalist in the competition was Fredenham. She has also tried out for The Voice in addition to this. She did not, however, get chosen for the auditions. The videos of Fredenham, who specializes in jazz and blues performances, have received millions of views on YouTube.

After concluding a brief demo deal with some, it was apparent to release a recent album through a well-known campaign early in 2015. The decade class new album is easy to earn; in many cases, she does not have a home studio, etc.

So require setting aside money for this as well as musicians, etc. She said that she is lucky to have a few friends that collaborated in the corporation. And have access to supply, pricing, manufacturing, etc. She can raise funds for recovering the album.

She successfully released her debut record, Under the Covers, in 2017. After earning 40,000 pounds through a Kickstarter campaign, Fredenham released this CD. She has also raised money through the Indiegogo website.

Numerous singles from her albums, such as “Bluebird,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Wishing on a Star,” and “Coconut Grove,” were featured. She is an expert at covering old tunes. She has, however, also been the focus of debate. She pretended to be nervous during her The Voice audition.

For the purpose of interacting with her followers, Alice Fredenham frequently posts updates about her activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Three thousand seven hundred eighteen people follow her on Instagram. She is a well-known celebrity who uses social media extensively.

What is the Alice Fredenham Net Worth?

Alice Fredenham’s net worth is only projected to be around $250,000. The total net worth and earnings of Lady Federham have come through her business dealings, brand endorsements, and business ventures, among other sources. Alice Fredenham describes a home in Harpenden, where she frequently travels for her singing projects and commitments.

She currently resides in a million-dollar house with her parents. She has pursued a career in business in addition to music. Fredenham has worked as a brand endorser and also makes money via YouTube.

The Kickstarter website states that the first 500 copies sold will be contacted, and those who supported the Kickstarter campaign will even receive a customized CD. Although Alice has promoted products and received money from doing so, the identity of the brand she has promoted has yet to be widely known.

Awards and Achievements

Being a participant in Britain’s Got Talent and a certified beauty therapist is one of Alice Fredenham most outstanding career achievements. This platform has an excellent reputation in Britain for finding talent. Several million individuals have viewed her performance in the nation. Alice has established for herself a distinctive, durable, and attractive profession.


After reading this article, it is concluded that Alice keeps entertaining her audiences with timeless classical music. Alice experienced a great deal of popularity and some difficulties and hardships. She came out as a strong person who is determined to never give up on her aspirations as a result of all these difficulties. With her admirers’ help, Alice created playlists, ultimately realizing her dreams.


  • What concerns Alice the most? 

Alice’s biggest concern is being judged by herself or others. I’m not afraid of heights or spiders, but I’m terrified of judgment, she remarked in an interview with The Telegraph.

  • What activities does Alice enjoy?

Alice’s interests include watching movies, taking baths, and playing with her dog, Charlie. She also enjoys collecting old and vintage objects, such as vintage jewelry boxes and old radios.

  • What kind of vehicle does Alice operate?

Alice drives German-made automobiles of the Mercedes Benz E Class brand. It comes in a wide variety of body designs and power plant setups. It is the most popular luxury car in Europe.