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Who Is Cody Ko? Cody Ko Height, Age, Career, And All Other Info

cody ko height

Cody Ko

Cody Ko is an actor, YouTube personality, and podcaster from Canada. Cody Ko now runs his own YouTube channel, Cody & Co. Together with his producer Noel Miller, he also makes music as Tiny Meat Gang. He is engaged to Kelley Keppler, and the two plan to have a baby. Read the following article if you’re curious about his net worth, height, weight, and other information.

Cody Ko height, and weight

The age of Cody Ko is 31 as of the year 2022. His height is five and seven inches (175 millimeters), and he weighs 774 pounds. His hair color is brown with green eyes. He’s wearing the dimension of 8.5 (US).

Family of Cody Ko

The parents of Cody Ko are Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk. A cyclist by profession, Greg Kolodziejzyk is his father. The name of his mother is Helen Kolodziejzyk, and who is a housewife. Also, he has a sister named Krista Anne.

The marital status of Cody Ko is single. In addition to being a YouTuber and a popular content creator, Kelsey Kreppel is his girlfriend. Their relationship started in 2017, and there is no information about his past relationships.

Current project

His newest venture is his ‘I’d Cap That’ iPhone app. His rap videos are viral, and he’s also a writer for several magazines and websites. Along with comedy acts, he also made a lot of podcasts, in which he shared his overall experience in Hollywood.

Cody Ko’s physical appearance

Cody Ko, a popular YouTuber and comedian is known for his distinctive physical appearance. He has a lean and athletic build, sharp facial features, and a charming smile. He often sports a stylish haircut and is known for his trendy fashion sense.

In addition to his impeccable style, Cody is known for his quick wit and engaging personality, making him a popular figure on social media and in the entertainment industry. Despite his success, Cody remains down-to-earth and relatable, which has endeared him to a wide audience of fans and followers. Whether he appears on YouTube videos, podcasts, or live events, Cody’s unique physical appearance and infectious personality always leave a lasting impression.


Before he began his career as an influencer, In the beginning, he created an iPhone app called ‘I’d Cap That.’ The app provides captions for images uploaded by users. This app proved so popular that it was ranked as the ‘Free App of the Week’ on the App Store. The developer did sell the app to Addiction.

He started his Vine account in 2013 and began posting comedy sketches through the platform. The videos went viral in the next few days and helped him get millions of followers and views. However, Vine shut down after some time, which led him to change to YouTube. The channel was launched on the 30th of May, 2014. In the beginning, he posted short comedy clips on the channel. The track is well-known for its numerous funny episodes like These Things Suck, That’s Cringe, and others.

The internet exploded with his popularity due to his satirical videos about YouTuber Jake Paul. The two were on the internet for a time. But Jake Paul didn’t appear to be too interested in the videos he made of roasts. He now uploads funny reaction videos, along with his other shows. He currently has 5.68 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views.

The channel has been shut down and launched two additional YouTube channels, Cody & Ko and Cody Ko Shorts. The Cody & Ko channel was primarily intended to be a video channel. However, he’s not uploading videos anymore and has been seen creating videos similar to those on his primary medium. The track has more than 1.42 million subscribers, with 95 million views. Its Cody Ko Shorts is his new addition made on the 10th of August 2021. The channel was created to upload short video clips in less than a minute. The track has received 5k views.

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Music and podcasting

Along with Noel Miller, he started a music group dubbed Tiny Meat Gang in June 2017. The group is set to debut following the release of the track “It’s every day? No” was released to YouTube and streaming platforms. The duo has uploaded about ten singles and two albums titled Bangers and Locals Only and Ass. For the last few years, this couple has worked with some of the famous figures of the industry, including Blackbear Lynx Quinn XCII and many more. This couple has over 1.5 million subscribers on Spotify.

After the group’s launch, the two have decided to create an audio podcast in the name of the. It’s a weekly show available to all streaming platforms, including YouTube. One episode is approximately 60 minutes. On YouTube, the show has about 300k subscribers. The pair has surpassed 200 episodes.

iPhone app

Cody Ko also introduced a new iPhone app called ‘I’d Cap That.’ His YouTube popularity has helped him gain a considerable net worth of $3.5 million. Aside from his YouTube videos, he is also a famous entrepreneur, podcaster, and game developer. While he has been working hard, he’s been putting his time into growing his business.

Net worth

The Canadian American YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster have an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. His popularity has skyrocketed, and he has an active audience on YouTube. His YouTube channel has nearly five million subscribers. His net worth is estimated to reach $3.5 million by 2022. His height is 1.75m, and he weighs about 65 kg. He also puts a lot of vi. You can also check out his Instagram page, which has an extensive list of his videos.

The internet has also given Cody Ko a new way to earn money. His net worth has increased immensely since he has over five million subscribers. Besides creating popular music videos, he has become a podcaster and game developer. His income comes mainly from YouTube, where he and his band make millions. The videos they upload have more than 35 million views in a month. In addition to this, he has some other outlets where he promotes his products.

Facts about Cody Ko

  • The singer has left Tiny Meat Gang, and he dropped three of his solo tracks in 2019.
  • Cody Ko also acts in many short films, such as Camp Unplug, The Real Bros of Simi Valley, etc.
  • He also has a Tiktok account that has over 2.5 million followers. He presents humorous short skits.
  • Before starting the Vine profile, the user was a senior developer for Fullscreen.
  • He’s a lover of dogs and has a dog called Chili.
  • The Snapchat account is cody ko.
  • The page on Facebook has more than 37k fans.
  • His first appearance on Twitter was in November 2010 and has accumulated more than two million fans.
  • He currently resides in Los Angeles.
  • The agency is run through United Talent, a talent agency firm.
  • His photos are shared via his Instagram account, with over two million people following him.


  • How much do you think Cody Ko earns per year?

The net worth of Cody Ko’s been estimated to be around $3.5million in 2021. The income he earns online comes from brand deals, comedy, and podcasts. Cody earns an annual income from YouTube videos, making him just over $3 million per year.

  • How many years do you think Cody and Kelsey have been together?

Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko have announced their engagement through an adorable post on Instagram. Both are for over four years. According to meaww’s report, he mentioned an obsession on his podcast from 2017 and thought about making dinner for her.

  • Who was it that Cody Ko met Kelsey?

The couple has been in a romantic relationship since the year when Cody stated in a podcast interview that he’d met Kelsey while hosting dinner with some of his buddies.