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Michael Oher (Wiki): Michael Oher’s Net Worth, Personal life, Career, and Other Interesting Information

michael oher net worth

Michael Oher

According to Forbes estimates for 2022, Michael Oher’s net worth is twenty million US dollars. He has been a pro football player for many years and is one of the most sought-after players in the league. He has been drafted by three NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens in 2009, the Tennessee Titans in 2014, and the Carolina Panthers in 2015.

He has not revealed details about his marriage or affairs, and he has not disclosed any details about his personal life. Michael Oher is one of America’s most talented and famous football players. He also achieved some awards, like winning the Jacobs Blocking Trophy in 2008 and was named Unanimous All-American in 2009.

Personal Life

Most of us know that Michael Oher’s life sagas are always in the news. In addition, his private life is something everybody wants to know about. This is why we’ve covered almost everything you’ve always been looking for about Michael’s personal life. Many years have passed since, and even his biggest fans don’t know what’s happening in Michael’s life. Today, we will be able to provide answers to all of them.

Family of Micheal Oher

Family of Michael Oher Michael Oher’s parents is Michael Jerome Williams and Denise Oher. There are eleven siblings in his family. She had a drug-addicted mother and a father who frequently spent time in prison. As a result, Oher was forced to drop out of school many times. During Oher’s school years, his father was murdered. The Tuohys, who became his legal guardians, adopted him. He became a college football star and a top draft pick for the NFL because he was in good hands.


Michael has a wife. Tiffany Michelle Roy was the name of Michael Oher’s wife. Tabitha Soren and Tiffany were confused by many of their followers. However, the initial reports state Tiffany Michelle Roy is the honest Tiffany Michelle Roy is the natural wide of the famous footballer Michael Oher.


According to reports, the couple has an infant with each other. However, Michael hasn’t commented on the child.


After completing his college career, Michael Oher participated in the NFL combine in 2008. Baltimore Ravens selected Michael Oher in the first NFL draft from the NFL combines. This earned him a five-year contract worth $13.8 million. In 2013, Oher played for the Baltimore Ravens and won his first Super Bowl ring. He received a total of $20 million from the Tennessee Titans during his four-year contract.

Michael Oher’s high school career was also successful. Michael Oher is a player denoted as “Division II Lineman of the Year in their high school career.” During this career, he also won a First Team Tennessee All-Star. After graduation, he received several college offers but ultimately chose to go to Mississippi. In 2006, he was named the star of the film “Michael Lewis: The Making of a Hollywood Legend” by director John Crowley.

After completing his college career, Michael Oher began his NFL career. The total worth of this deal was thirteen million US dollars, and the tenure of the agreement was five years. In 2013, he was named 74th best tackle by Pro Football Focus. The Tennessee Titans signed him to a $20 million four-year deal in 2015. In 2017, he was released after failing a physical.

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Net Worth

Approximately $20 million is the net worth of Michael Oher as of January 2022. The NFL player earned his wealth through his college career. He has received several awards, including First Team All-State honors and a Super Bowl ring. In addition to these awards, he owns upscale properties in the US. Despite his modest income, his net worth is still growing.

Despite his modest salary and impressive football career, Oher has not disclosed his wife’s name or marital status. He has yet to announce the source of his wealth, but it is estimated at twenty million US dollars. This net worth is only based on approximation, and his actual value varies during the whole year. It was unclear his salary in 2014, but he is currently the owner of a house in Maryland that he bought with NFL dollars.

Michael Oher’s physical appearance

Michael Oher, a former NFL offensive tackle, is known for his physical appearance on the field. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing over 315 pounds, Oher is formidable. He has a muscular build, with broad shoulders and a well-defined physique resulting from years of intense training and dedication to his craft. His unique physical appearance, athleticism, and skill make him a standout player in the NFL.

Despite his rough exterior, Oher is known for his quiet and reserved demeanor and is well-respected by his teammates and coaches for his work ethic and determination. His physical appearance is an important aspect of his persona and has helped to establish him as one of the top players in the NFL. Overall, Michael Oher’s physical appearance is a testament to his dedication to his sport and his commitment to his team.

Awards and achievements

Oher is a famous NFL player and has won several. A Life in Sports’ and ‘The Blind Side.’ In 2007, the two parents adopted Michael Oher’s first-born child, Sean.

Is Michael Oher still a football player?

Since you were all on the internet trying to figure out that Michael Oher is still playing football, we decided to include the information below to give you the correct information regarding Michael Oher. Take a look below. Unfortunately, our most loved footballer, Michael Oher, isn’t playing football for the time being. In 2001 the player made three appearances with the Panthers. However, in the following year, the injury occurred, and due to reasons that were not clear, he quit playing football. In addition, in 2017, he played again with the team but did not win. Oher was able to retire at age 31.

Where can we find Michael Oher these days?

Michael has spent his entire life learning about football and playing it. He has given his best to many of the most prominent football organizations worldwide. However, after he retired from football, he joined an agency. Yes! Yes! Our hero is now an agent. According to the official reports for 2022, Michael has been working at an agent agency as a freelance agent. In addition, the details of where he’s currently living are not known.


Oher’s net worth was estimated at 20 million US dollars in 2022. His career has made him a renowned athlete, and his net worth has grown significantly over the years. In addition to playing in the NFL, Michael has also won many other awards. Aside from his football skills, the actor is also a celebrated athlete with a great personal life. Despite his high-profile position as a sports star, Michael Oher’s net worth is much lower than his actual salary.


  • What is Michael Oher doing now for money?

Michael Oher spends time working for his non-profit organization, Beat the Odds, Inc. The non-profit organization in Nashville provides children in need with the chance to make positive changes in their lives and pursue further education, careers, and health services.

  • Is Michael Oher married today?

Michael and Tiffany were married for several years and have many photos of them dressed in vintage clothing. The couple has been married for some years but hasn’t disclosed the wedding date details. Tiffany and Michael manage a non-profit organization known as Beat the Odds Inc.